Exploring The South-East Colorado Canyon Lands

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17 thoughts on “Exploring The South-East Colorado Canyon Lands

  1. Absolutely beautiful. One of the many reasons why we love Colorado!

  2. Love your site. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:


    Cheers, Ruth

  3. Nice job. I’m anxious to go. I see you had your dogs with you. Any restrictions on that in those areas?

  4. How about a trip to the Lily Lake area?

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love Colorado and love learning about new places. I was not aware of these canyons at all. Thought it was pretty much flat farm/ranch lands east of the mountains! I’ll plan to visit them next time I’m up there. Looks like lots of great petroglyphs, too.

    • Thanks for watching and for the comments. Yes it is quite flat out there except for the canyons, which there are quite a few that we haven’t been to yet. Definitely worth checking out and very unexpected.

  6. Very professional video, great job! Colorado is the only state that peaks my interest that I have yet to explore. Been through on the train is all. I’m glad I found your blog, I’ll add it to my list and utilize it for some upcoming trips. I just found out I can take the train to Trinidad, CO from Kingman, AZ for around $40 round trip! Obviously I would get a rental car from there.

    • Thanks for watching Matt. Yep, Colorado is a pretty cool state as is all of the South West. We came through your country last summer, even posted a blog or two about it on my artspiritvillage.com blog. Look us up if you head up this way.

  7. Great Video! Thanks for Sharing. I can’t wait to see more of your videos and hope you do one of Trinidad also. Love your work!


  8. Thanks Charlie, and yes we do plan on a Trinidad Video. You do great work as well with trinidadco.com

  9. CoNatureGuy

    Great job! And thanks for visiting my blog. We can’t say enough about the beauty of this part of the world!


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