U Pack The Camera, Alpaca The Tripod

The Sangre De Cristo Mountains towering over the Cuchara River Valley.

Is this heaven? It’s Cuchara.  I often improvise famous lines from the movies and apply them to my own personal field of dreams.  In this case, the 18 mile stretch of highway between our home on Cuchara Pass and our post office in La Veta.  This is one of the most beautiful stretches of road in Colorado.  For years, this was our daily commute and it became so routine that I stopped really seeing all the beauty.  Now, we find our way to town only a time or two each week and when we do go, we slow down and notice things that have gone unnoticed before.

Alpaca Afternoon

The other day, I was heading back up the valley from a visit with the real estate experts at Bachman & Associates when I noticed that the pastures on the Cantrell Ranch had turned the brightest green, I pulled over and grabbed my camera.  As I approached the fence to compose an angle, I found myself just a few feet away from a herd of exotic, hairy, four legged creatures with peaceful smiles on their faces.   I honestly, have never studied an Alpaca up close and personal before and it took a quick Wiki search when I got home to know the difference between these guys and Llamas.  Both animals are South American Camelids, but the Alpaca is much smaller, much more social within its own species and is known for its delicately soft coat rather than for carrying cargo through the backcountry.

Living in a place of abundant natural beauty does not make a person immune to the “same four walls syndrome”.  It takes a conscious effort to remember how you felt when you first discovered it,  you have to be able to see your everyday surroundings through the eyes of a tourist, you have to remind yourself that The Greatest Adventures Are Waiting In Your Own Backyard.

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12 thoughts on “U Pack The Camera, Alpaca The Tripod

  1. Beautiful pics (nice title, too). 😉

  2. very nice 🙂


    I love your pictures and that you take time to appreciate simple but beautiful things in life. When I was out West, i was hoping that I’d make it to Colorado, especially southern Colorado. Now, I’m really sorry that I hadn’t pushed the thought more. Thanks for taking the time to share this beauty and inspiration with us.

  4. I love the title, but may I suggest a slight alteration…

    You Pack a Camera, Alpaca Tripod

    I don’t know… in any case you guys are a hoot and quite informative.

    We live in Wichita and have cabin near the south edge of Cuchara we call “Young’s Cabin”… I’m better and criticizing titles than coming up with them 😉 . There’s a Panoramio picture on Google Earth.

    I assume you live in Cuchara Valley. Just wanted to say I’m following your blog now, and I’m going back to look at older posts.

  5. The Alpacas are so cute! I didn’t know the difference…I would have called them Llamas :/ Great photos!

  6. I know some people here in New Mexico who raise alpacas. They are wonderful animals.

  7. Don’t they just look so … friendly?

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