Local Tourist Colorado – San Luis, The Artist And Stations Of The Cross

Well, the snow is melting quickly and the Local Tourist Colorado film crew (both of us :)) took to the road on Easter Sunday and did this amazing piece on one of Southern Colorado’s Hidden Treasures.  Too many people drive right through San Luis without stopping to check out the historic town or stroll through the inspiring Stations of the Cross.  We highly recommend that you put this one on your bucket list, make it a day trip or even change your route between Denver and Santa Fe, you’ll be glad you did.  If you are as lucky as we were, you might even get to meet the incredible Sculptor and Artist, Huberto Maestas.  Don’t forget, The Greatest Adventures Are Waiting In Your Own Backyard!

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You can read more about our Huberto Maestas at the Taos Artist Guide and more about our experience in San Luis at ArtSpiritVillage.com

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10 thoughts on “Local Tourist Colorado – San Luis, The Artist And Stations Of The Cross

  1. redwheelbarrow1957

    Thanks for following the blog, I hope you enjoy the work

  2. I agree with you that the greatest adventures are in your own backyard. I am currently doing a 100 hike challenge near my home in Silver City, NM. I have completed 54 already and I am stunned at the things I have seen that I didn’t know were here. I came form the NYC area where locals had never been to the ‘tourist’ spots like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, etc. This whole country has so much to offer!

  3. Nice video! I love Colorado…such beauty….in your backyard! ~Sherry~

  4. Finally got my audio working…missing driver…don’t ask 😉 Anyhoo, I like the combination video and stills in your 5-min video. Nicely done! I really like stopping by your blog considering you are local. It’s cool to be able to share the same enthusiasm for Colorado with others who are so close.

  5. Thanks for watching our video and for the comments as well

  6. Colorado is truly beautiful… ive posted plenty of Boulder photos and am uploading some sunset photos from my front porch

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