Welcome Home, Painter’s Sky

“Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying Let’s Party” ~ Robin Williams

Goemmer's Butte Near La Veta

It seems like I am constantly writing about the weather.  It’s not that I intend to bore whatever audience we have out there and it’s not that there is nothing exciting going on here at Vision-Finder Productions.  The weather quite simply is the most noteworthy breaking news here in Southern Colorado.  Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you just can’t look at it long enough or hard enough and for a fleeting moment crying seems to be an appropriate response?  Well that’s why I’m hung up on the weather lately, because it is drop dead gorgeous.  This week we welcomed the arrival of those billowing cloud formations, the return of the painter’s sky.

We are currently working on a couple of big video projects, both due in June that have everything to do with the beauty of this region of Colorado.  So we find ourselves out and about, capturing photographs and video takes on a daily basis.  We don’t go anywhere quickly, it seems as though we are compelled to stop just about every time we round a corner.  Being busy has slowed down our Local Tourist Colorado Video Series a bit, but rest assured we’ll be out finding more adventures to share real soon.  Until then, make sure you have checked out the video’s that have been completed.  I recently added a tab at the top of the web page to make them easier to find.  We also plan on sharing some of our current photographs once or twice a week in the interim, so keep on coming back.

As always, keep in mind that The Greatest Adventures Are Waiting In Your Own Backyard!

Spring is bustin' loose

Spring is bustin' loose

North Lake at the foot of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Painter’s Sky

  1. Gorgeous! Where is North Lake? I need a Sunday road trip destination…

  2. New note for my checklist… Look up more! Thanks for the excellent reminder!

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