Reflections Of The Past Week

Mid-May Twilight Over North Lake

As usual, we have been incredibly busy and we’ve been shooting a ton of photographs and video.  The real estate market is really buzzing right now and we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to capture some really spectacular properties.  People don’t realize that for every hour of shooting we spend three, four, five or more hours editing which can make for some really long days and nights in front of a computer.

The cool thing about living here is that when you need a break, just looking out a window or stepping out the door into nature can bring you back to center in no time.  So much is happening in the outdoors now as we race for the Summer Solstice, which is only a short month away.  Have the Flora and the Fauna been hitting the Red Bull?

Hillside Below North Lake Dam

We have seen so much wildlife in the past week and everything seems bigger than we remember from past years.  Our first Bear sighting of the year came to us the other day just up the road.  We watched and filmed a Cinnamon Blond who had come down to the stream for an evening drink.  At one point he sat down like a puppy and stared quizzically at us before he meandered off into the woods.  Our big black resident Bear returned and we had a chance to watch him for a good fifteen minutes.  Finally when we popped off the screen and opened the kitchen window, he caught wind of our scent and took off.  As for the Elk, They are big and healthy and as numerous as the humming birds this year.

For all the cursing and gnashing of teeth that takes place in the long winter months, so much more abundant is our appreciation of the richness of life here in the summer.  When we say that The Greatest Adventures Are Waiting In Your Own Backyard, we mean it

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7 thoughts on “Reflections Of The Past Week

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog entries!

  2. me too…love them as they bring me back to my days living i Stonewall and seeing the first bears of the year….thanks

  3. me too….this brings me back to my years in Stonewall and seeing the first bear of the season….biking Hwy 12 is awesome, fishing in north lake with my boys

  4. Thanks for letting us know. Encouragement is always welcome.

  5. I have done some travelling in Ohio where I live, but I’m not sure it’s quite as magnificent as Colorado is. However, I suspect there might be other things, maybe not the landscape (or maybe so), but something. Your blogs have me thinking about this. My husband and I got bikes last year and did some awesome bike riding. We haven’t gotten them out yet this year, but you are really inspiring me to do this so that I can find the adventures in my own back yard (I actually have a couple of posts about the adventures I had on my bike or while running). For Ohio, I think it is good to get out on the bike and go slowly. You see things differently when you go slowly as opposed to speeding by in your car.

  6. We are so glad that this blog is successfully sharing Colorado with the world and inspiring folks to get out and explore their surroundings. Thanks for your comments.

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