A Breath Of Fresh Air Along The Highway Of Legends

As a middle-aged Native Son of Colorado, I count myself as fortunate to have become intimately familiar with so much of this beautiful state.  In my first 26 years I managed to scurry up to the top of exactly one half of Colorado’s fifty-four fourteen thousand foot peaks, an activity that has given me a lasting overview of the geographical, historical and recreational wealth of this region.  The thing that impresses me most about Colorado however, is that no matter how familiar one becomes with it, there seems to be a never-ending supply of new experiences, new views, new discoveries and new adventures lying just around the corner.

June came and went like a thief in the night, stealing away the fresh youth of spring and bringing on the long hot days of summer as Tammy and I worked feverishly to film and edit this piece on the Highway of Legends.  A special thanks to the directors of this Scenic Byway and an acknowledgement that the project was paid for by a grant from the National Scenic Byways Program, The Colorado Department of Transportation and the Colorado Scenic & Historic Byways.

The Highway makes a loop around the Spanish Peaks and threads its way along the Sangre De Cristo mountain range and it includes an alternate backcountry route over Cordova Pass.  The cities and towns located along the way include Walsenburg, Aguilar, Ludlow, Trinidad, Stonewall, Cuchara and La Veta.  Recreational opportunities can be found in the San Isabel National Forest, Trinidad Lake State Park and Lathrop State Park.  Notable area attractions include the Rio Grande Scenic Railway, Grandote Peaks Golf Course, Cougar Canyon Golf Course, Monument Lake Resort and Blue and Bear Lakes.   The promotional video will be available for viewing at www.spanishpeakscountry.com, www.historictrinidad.com, www.colorado.com, and hopefully it will be streaming live in the Colorado Welcome Center in Trinidad.

If you have never been to the Spanish Peaks Region in Southern Colorado, we hope that this film will entice you to plan a visit.  If you have been here before, we hope that this video might give you a new perspective of the area.  In any event, it is always our intent to remind you that The Greatest Adventures Are Waiting In Your Own Backyard.


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19 thoughts on “A Breath Of Fresh Air Along The Highway Of Legends

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I’m new to the state and have SO much to see!

  3. Lovely video! It definitely inspires me to go and visit these areas and get a closer look at the history of the region. Thank you for opening my eyes to this beauty!

    • Thanks for checking out the Video Lillie. Yes, lots of cool history that we didn’t have time to include in the videos, like the era when Bat Masterson was Sheriff in Trinidad, Al Capone’s moonshine operations and Bob Ford, the supposed killer of Jesse James owning a bar in Walsenburg. As much as anything, it’s just a very scenic place.

  4. daphne van heerden

    beatifully filmed … I’m from South Africa and we lived here as a family for 5 years. You captured most of it, except a close-up on the fascinating trees and the packs and packs of snow we got in the winter and how it glittered on the trees …

    • Thanks for watching Daphne. I agree, winter is also beautiful here. Had we not been trying to keep the video length under 15 min. we certainly would have included it. Wow, what a contrast that must have been, South Africa to Southern Colorado.


    Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing this video. I can’t wait to do a road trip through Colorado.

  6. Scott and Tammy – you did a beautiful job with this video! It really captures the beauty and the spirit of this special place we get to call home. Hope it inspires many to follow the Highway of Legends path you have so wonderfully created!

  7. What a wonderful video! The images are so beautiful and the tidbits of history so intriquing, that it would be hard to resist experiencing the Highway of Legends for oneself!

  8. Thanks so much for your comments Cossette, yes we hope that it will bring a few folks to the area to check it out.

  9. Rick Menendez

    Scott: My wife of 47 years was born in Trinidad Co. I have been through that area three times now and plan to keep going back. You have done a super job on your film my hat off to you. Now to my question towards the begining of the movie you show a picture of two coal miners, the one on the right is using a shovel, the one on the left is using a pick, my wife and i believe that the one on the left is her father “Joe Madrid” we would like to know if there is a way of tracing that picture, and finding out for sure if that is him. we thank you very much for the film and for any help you can give us.

    Rick Menendez

  10. I’m definitely going to put this at the top of my list. Nice work!

  11. What a wonderful video, this was our home – in Stonewall for 10 years … we miss the beauty and peace there and wonderful friends! We live in Costa Rica now! Miss you too Daphne! ❤ ❤

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