Reflections Oahu

My Dad Loved Colorado.  He taught me that taking the time to experience all that is has to offer is well worth the effort.  He of all people, knew that the greatest adventures are waiting in your own backyard but as he grew older he realized that his backyard was the entire world.  For 20 years, my folks called Hawaii home and I was so fortunate to be able to appreciate all of the little things that make it special.  I dedicated this video to my Father on his 80th Birthday so he could see and feel what he could no longer do as the grip of Parkinson’s disease progressed.  I hope you take this five minute holiday..who knows, it may make your backyard bigger as well.

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4 thoughts on “Reflections Oahu

  1. Geneva Rimbert

    A most beautiful trip in only five
    minutes & set to such awesome
    music. Wow, what beauty & can
    only imagine how much Mr. & Mrs.
    Medsker enjoyed it together over
    those years. The wonder of creation
    wows one everyday !!

    • Thanks Joanne for keeping up with me on this blog. FYI, I am shifting heavily toward the blog currently, you may want to follow that one as well. Please get in touch sometime when you come to Denver. Tammy and I would love to hear how things are going for you.

      • Geneva Rimbert

        Hi Scott,
        I was looking @ your art website. I am impressed, you have some beautiful artwork &photography! I have my eye on a couple of your prints.. I really enjoyed your piece on your
        return to your love of the arts. You are so talented & I am so glad that you are doing what you
        love & wish you much success.
        I will give you a call when in town & hope that one day you will come here in the Fall & take
        some photos, it really is breathtaking in some areas!
        Hope that you & Tammy are well as well as your Mother. Our best to them & sorry I just
        happened on this a bit late(haha).
        Not on Facebook & I have no regard for it so I sent Kourtney your link & told her to please
        vote !!
        Very Best,

      • Hi Joanne, So great to hear from you. Thanks for checking out as that is where i’m spending most of my time these days. Thanks also for all the encouragement. It would be great to see You and Pete sometime when you are in Denver. Tell Kourtney thanks for the vote. Its a long shot but what the heck.

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